• Dr. Denry Machin  Founder and Managing Editor,

    Educational digest International

    Jason's voice has brought life and energy to a number of my projects. He kindly voiced an opening section of 'International Schooling: The Teacher's Guide' (you can listen here: bit.ly/TGAudio) and recently narrated two lead articles for the Educational Digest International (EDDi), listen here: bit.ly/EDDiXLVII. As well as his voice, Jason has also lent his words. He wrote an excellent piece for EDDi looking at how IB Theatre Studies changed during Covid. His experience of Theatre Studies, especially what is possible even in restricted circumstances, shone through. He's a creative of many talents. He has been superb to collaborate with: supportive, friendly, and flexible, with an engaging voice that really lifts the words off the page. He's also been kind enough to offer thoughts on book marketing and invaluable support with social media promotion. When it comes to an audiobook of 'The Teacher's Guide' Jason will be the 'go-to' person, and I'd recommend him as just that for anyone looking for a voiceover artist.

    Tim Clissold


    "Mr. China"

    Nearly twenty years ago, I wrote a book called Mr. China, which is still in print and has been translated into about 15 languages. It was recently signed up for a miniseries by one of the mini-majors. Jason contacted me on linked-in about creating an audiobook out of the book, which had not occurred to me before. I responded to his approach and, despite the fact that we are in very different parts of the world, we have developed very smooth work patterns and collaborated closely on creating the audiobook. Jason tackled not only the difficult aspects of the language (some of the book is in Chinese and Jason made a huge effort to master the pronunciations) but also I felt that he really grasped the underlying feelings and emotions that I was trying to portray. It was a strange and unexpectedly enjoyable experience listening to my own writing in somebody else’s voice and it revealed certain aspects of the story that I had not thought about before. On the basis of that work, we extended the collaboration to my third book, which is concerned with Chinese poetry. That is much tougher to narrate since it has all sorts of nuances and complex rhythms. We are still working together on this one and it’s going well. We may extend the collaboration into the marketing of this book, including short promotional video clips, where I think Jason will handle the scriptwriting and production. All in all, if you are looking for someone to enhance your writing with the spoken word, I couldn’t recommend Jason more highly for his talent in using the human voice to tease out the real underlying feelings of your writing.​

  • David Wolf
    Founder and CEO, Audivita Studios

    Jason is a bright, talented, and versatile actor, voice talent, producer, and audio editor. We've worked with him on many audiobook projects and he's terrific! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him!

    Lilia Chakarian


    Aid Beyond Borders

    "Jason did an explainer video for one of our big projects in Armenia. He has an amazing voiceover tone not to mention his incredible personality. Jason was extremely punctual and delivered both the script and the voiceover work very quickly and the work done was above and beyond my expectations. Highly recommend him. Professionals like him are hard to find. Will definitely and ONLY use him for our future voiceover videos."